Two-Wheel Land Speed Record 2017

Motorcycles are fast. No surprise there. Many riders devote their lives to figuring out exactly how fast they really are. One of these men is Rickey Gadson. He broke the speed record in March 2017 at the Texas Mile! Read on to find out what he was riding and how fast he actually went.

Rickey Gadson Land Speed Record

2017 Kawasaki Ninja H2R

The H2R is officially the fastest motorcycle in history. From the factory it comes with a 998 cc inline 4-cylinder supercharged engine with roughly 200 horsepower. This is the kind of bike that will break the tire loose at the bottom of 4th gear, making it off limits for most riders (not to mention the $55,000 price tag!). It is the definition of power and performance in the motorcycle industry and we know from experience how much punch this bike can deliver.

Bike Modifications

The bike Rickey Gadson rode to break the speed record was modified to reach 326 horsepower, a number never seen on a motorcycle spec sheet before. This extra power was achieved through a custom supercharger kit, ported cylinders, custom camshafts, and special wings provided by Kawasaki to improve aerodynamics at speeds over 200 miles per hour.

Land Speed Record 2017

On his heavily modified 2017 Kawasaki Ninja H2R, Rickey Gadson became the fastest man on a motorcycle when he reached a speed of 229 miles per hour in March 2017 at the Texas Mile. This took three days and countless hours of preparation to achieve. If you have any questions about Rickey Gadson, the Ninja H2R, or speed records, leave a comment so we can dig up some information for you!